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Have you ever experienced a state in which the world felt slightly... off? Everything looks seemingly the same, but at the same time distinctly different from what you're used to... Imagine wandering around comforting sights of cozy little houses in a small village. You remember this place. But all it takes is a blink of an eye - and everything is suddenly enveloped in coalescing shadows. Familiar places appear as if observed through a puddle on a windy day. That's precisely the situation young Théo finds himself in.

Dreamed Away is an emotional action-adventure RPG set in 90s France. Play as Théo, a boy who suddenly finds himself lost in a dark, mysterious world. Explore a unique reality, duel forces of the ever-encroaching darkness, and try not to lose yourself along the way.

The game focuses on the bond between siblings, fear of death and questioning reality. The immersive storytelling, diverse setting with a vibrant color palette and varied environment, altogether with detailed, aesthetic pixel art, aims to give the player a new perspective on the action-adventure RPG genre.

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